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Rajeev K Goyal, Co-Founder and Project Director

Rajeev is the co-founder of TLG and has been a volunteer in Namje and Thumki  since 2001 when he began his Peace Corps service as an English teacher. Rajeev worked with the community to build a two-stage water pumping system that supplies clean water to 800 people. Since then he has helped fundraise to build new schools, water and environmental projects. He was the National Coordinator for Push for Peace Corps Campaign and has authored Springs of Namje. In 2013, he created the Koshi Tappu Kanchenjunga Biodiversity Education Land Trust (KTK-BELT) project (website forthcoming).


Priyanka Bista, Design Coordinator

Having co-founded TLG since 2010, Priyanka has been working on various projects as a designer, researcher and community organiser. She will be coordinating the Public Spaces Initiative project to create communal structures that embody cultural and ecological values. She has a background in architecture and is interested in researching the impacts of globalization on indigenous communities. 


Dr. Jules White, Technical Director 

Dr. Jules White is an Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech and the Art Editor of the American Center for Artists. Also an artist, his artwork has been exhibited in the Cambridge Art Association's 2002 National Prize Show and multiple venues throughout US. He has been volunteering at the Bhedetar project since 2003 as a donor and strategic advisor.




Scott Skinner, Co-Founder, Phul Maya Foundation

Scott is the co-founder of Phul Maya Foundation, the 501(c)(3) non-profit which is the fiscal agent of TLG. He has been an attorney in Biggam, Fox & Skinner law firm for over 20 years. Before becoming a lawyer, Scott served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal from 1964-1966 and has continuously travelled back since then. Within the model VDC project, Scott and his law partner Pat Biggam have fundraised and built three new primary schools in Bhedetar.  

Uday Sunder Shrestha,  Architecture + Engineering Advisor

Uday is the editor of Spaces, an architectural/design magazine published from Kathmandu, Nepal. A civil engineer by profession, he has worked in various capacities from Structural Designer to Design/Construction Management since 1989 in the building design and construction field. He served as the main technical advisor for the 2011 Spirit of Place, ancestral memorial project and will be working with us on the design and implementation of the TLG structures. 

Stephanie Odegard, Art + Design Advisor

Stephanie is the Founder and President of Odegard inc. and has been involved in assisting developing countries to promote and preserve their traditional artisanal crafts since she served in the Peace Corps in Fiji in 1976. She has garnered numerous awards and accolades for her design talents and also her commitment to social progress and philanthropic accountability. She has been helping the environmental initiatives in Bhedetar since 2007. 

NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati, Creative Advisor

NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati is a photographer based in Kathmandu. Her work focuses on intimately documenting her country- ‘the New Nepal’- and its dynamic struggle to find peace after a decade long Maoist’s ‘People’s War’, all the while battling with issues of globalization, gender discrimination, identity among others. In 2007, NayanTara Co founded; a photography collective that has created a vibrant platform for photography in Nepal.




Harka Lama, Chief Coordinator TLG

Harka sir is a retired head-teacher who will be leading the coordination for TLG. He has taught in public schools for over 35 years and is one of the most renowned educators in Nepal. He has tirelessly worked with the community of Bhedetar to build the water project, the women's cooperative, begin scholarship programs and other innovative initiatives. He is now working as the chief coordinator of TLG to implement the project working with farmers. 


Karma Bhutia, MAP Project Coordinator

Karma Bhutia is the project supervisor of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants project and is currently a Program Director at The Mountain Institute. He holds a Bachelor degree in Social Science and has over 10 years experience in community development and natural resource management. For the last 5 years, Mr Bhutia has been working on the MAPs cultivation techniques and has empowered 2000 individual farmers to double their income through this technique in Illam district.


Hari Ale Magar, Permaculture Specialist

Hari is the main field specialist for the Permaculture farm and is also the coordinator for the MAP project with Karma ji. A native of Thumki village he has studied JTA (Junior Agricultural Technician) through the scholarship program. He has also been trained in Permaculture design course and is currently studying to receive his B.A. Since his graduation from his JTA course he has worked for 6 years in the model VDC program.

Santoshi Rana Magar, Office Assistant and Treasurer

A native of Namje village, Santoshi is the office assistant and treasurer of TLG Bhedetar. She has completed her I.Ed exams and has joined our office since 2011. She's an active member of the community with involvements in the environment reform sub-committee of Bhedetar. She has been trained in permaculture, medicinal plants project and basic computers. 


Karna B Magar, Construction Coordinator

Karna ji has been the main construction coordinator and manager for all educational and water infrastructure projects in Bhedetar since 2001. While educated only through high school, his knowledge of construction has given him the title of 'local engineer.' He will be working on agricultural and architectural projects in the TLG team.